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ISSN: 2230-9829

The Pioneer Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and its Applications (hereafter PJANTA) is a peer-reviewed international academic journal devoted to publication of high quality original pioneering research papers in different areas of current interest in the field of algebra order, Lattices, Commutative rings, Linear and multilinear algebra, Group theory, Topological groups, Lie groups, Field theory and Polynomials, Associative rings, Nonassociative rings, Algebraic geometry, Matrix theory, and other such areas of interest and number theory and their innovative links between themselves and various fields of applications. The prominent aim of the journal is to provide mathematicians a common forum to publish their significant research works and to provide academicians and researchers high quality research work incessantly and pertinently.

Frequency: The PJANTA currently publishes in two volumes annually each having two issues appearing in March, June, September and December.

Managing Editor: Professor V. Rai
                                Hyderabad, India