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Pioneer Scientific Publisher endeavors to publish researches and reviews for academicians at reasonable and affordable membership terms.

Benefits of Membership

During membership, we offer subscription for one Journals (selected by Member) free of cost (Postage Charges applicable for fast delivery, No charge for normal delivery).

Members can publish their research work in their membership period.

There is no any print charge for Members.

There are limits for number of papers. Only four papers can be published in one year but no limit for number of pages for publishing with Pioneer Scientific Publisher.

Members can select any Journal to submit their articles.

Members are honorably invited in the forthcoming conferences and programs organized by Pioneer Scientific Publisher.

Membership Type

Regular Membership – Regular members can publish four research articles in any Journal within one year without paying any charge. It also includes subscriptions of any three Journals selected by PSP Members.

Student Membership – Available to students seeking a degree. It also includes all benefits of a Regular PSP Membership plus online access. It is mandatory to provide a legal document that can prove that he/she is a student of a University or College.

Developing Country Resident Membership – Available to residents of economically developing countries as designated by the World Bank. Members from the designated developing countries will receive free online subscriptions.

Life Member – Active – Available to individuals who are at 50 or older and also active in the profession. It also includes all benefits of a Regular PSP Membership. This membership is intended for those who wish to take the benefits of PSP membership continuously with one final payment. Anyone under 50 who wishes to join as an Active Life Member will pay the Life Active Membership Base Rate plus $450 for each year below 50. This amount is automatically calculated based on the year of birth you enter during the application process.

Membership fee

For one year: USD 1500.00 for USA and Canada and Euro 1400.00 for rest of the world.

For two years: USD 3000.00 for USA and Canada and Euro 2800.00 for rest of the world.
For Developing country resident membership: USD 1000.00 or Euro 900.00 only.

For Student: USD 900.00 for USA and Canada and Euro 750.00 for rest of the world.

For Life Member – Active membership: USD 9000.00 or equivalent to Euro.
However, for members in India this charge is Equivalent to INR for all types of Membership.

We invite the academician to join the Pioneer Scientific

Publisher’s Membership just clicking on Membership.